Saturday, August 9, 2014

Inspiring Movies

I didn't know what was the reason when I suddenly could recall the name Brady and Cinderella. And slowly I remembered that when I was young (looking at the fact the movie was released in 1997, I was just 9 years old then), I watched this Cinderella movie which Brandy was the main actress.

So I went searching in Youtube for this movie, with the hope someone shared the full movie. Indeed yes, there was a fella who shared the movie on Youtube, and thus I downloaded it. To my amaze, Whitney Houston was the Fairy God Mother, and Whoopi Goldberg was the Queen of the Prince. And, the musical was written by Rodgers & Hammerstein (the same composers for the epic Sound of Music & The Kind & I)!!!! No wonder I'd loved the movie when I was young.

The movie was such and inspiration and I was left even more inspired with Whitey's words, "Cinderella, if you are going to get out from here, you will have to do it yourself!".

Looks like we need a lil fairy tale every now and then to remind us some fundamental life rules.

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