Saturday, August 9, 2014

Inspiring Movies

I didn't know what was the reason when I suddenly could recall the name Brady and Cinderella. And slowly I remembered that when I was young (looking at the fact the movie was released in 1997, I was just 9 years old then), I watched this Cinderella movie which Brandy was the main actress.

So I went searching in Youtube for this movie, with the hope someone shared the full movie. Indeed yes, there was a fella who shared the movie on Youtube, and thus I downloaded it. To my amaze, Whitney Houston was the Fairy God Mother, and Whoopi Goldberg was the Queen of the Prince. And, the musical was written by Rodgers & Hammerstein (the same composers for the epic Sound of Music & The Kind & I)!!!! No wonder I'd loved the movie when I was young.

The movie was such and inspiration and I was left even more inspired with Whitey's words, "Cinderella, if you are going to get out from here, you will have to do it yourself!".

Looks like we need a lil fairy tale every now and then to remind us some fundamental life rules.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I Need Validation

It has been quite a while since I last posted anything here. Have been quite busy I have to admit, but less stress and definitely I had more time for myself compared to the same period last year. 

To tell you the truth, I have not touched (or finished) a book in the first half of this year. Reading was something that I had to gave up for some reasons that I don't even know until now. So, to get my "spiritual" food, I turned to my iPhone. Owh yeah, I bought my new iPhone about 2 months ago - finally.... Browsing through Youtube and searching for the Renaissance Woman herself, Oprah, I always find myself eager to listen to her and learning something new from her all the time. Last week, I learned about validation. She said that after each interview she had, from a murderer till Beyonce herself, they would ask Oprah, "How did I do?", "Was that OK?"...

Same goes to myself. Constantly, and at times whether I did know it or not, I am consistently seeking validation from others. At times I can be easily ignored by others, as if I am a piece of transparent sheet of glass. I need more than that, and I do think I deserve more than that. If that person could not provide me with such validation, then I decided that I better move on. What they should had better understood is the 3rd law of motion - with every force, there will be an equal and opposite force in return. If you do not validate me, I am done with you!

While writing this, I am (still) not sure whether can I in return validate myself. For instance like taking better care of myself, eating on time, having a break for myself... Is that validation? Or does this kinda validation still requires from someone's else perspective?

My 2 cents on this matter, take good care of yourself first. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I've Been Happy

I've been following this Think Different @LifeLimits at Twitter just a few weeks ago, and you will be amazed how it had changed my life instantly after that. 

Well you see, (and this is proven scientifically as well) our brain somehow tends to perceive (and remember) more negative inclined matters. Therefore, we will have to keep on put in the "positive" reminders in ourselves before the negativity kills us from within. What we have not done enough is to infuse positivity in ourselves in our daily life.

By following @LifeLimits, only positive loaded messages and reminders (and even photos) are being constantly shared in the timeline (is that what you call them in Twitter??). So when you (or rather myself) are feeling like the whole world is against us and we do not have anything with ourselves to fight that negativity, these simple messages would somehow help. Believe me, I don't know the kinetics on how it works, but it does!

That little flower in the midst of concrete pavement had pulled me out from negativity last Monday, and I reminded myself to stay positive and happy through out the whole week, of which I did.

Try it, and make a difference today!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Was It Worth It After All?

Right after CNY, I had the busiest time of my career. Things were piling up (not that I did not do my job well enough) and meetings after meetings just keeps on calling here and there.

I found that when my schedule is jammed packed, my emotions at times get carried away too. Heading to Kuantan in a bit. Hopefully things will be better when I am back.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Almost Is Never Enough

Try listening to this song by Ariana Grande feat Nathan Skyes from The Wanted.

There are only a handful of duets in the world that is considered great, and this is definitely one of them - flawless.  And truly said (or sung)...almost is NEVER enough.

Which God is God

Right! The reason for me kinda "abandoning" my own blog was because I'd always wanted to change the blog's header photo and then start blogging fresh. But I'm that busy and never had the time to take photo and replace that header. Soon perhaps... once I had the time.

So this is just something that I wanted to write because suddenly I've thought of it, and managed to share the idea with one of my colleague (who is a Muslim).

We were talking about God, and how a close friend of mine would always pray for my success in uni days during Friday prayers, especially during exams. And I always reciprocate by saying, "Whatever you prayed for me, I'm praying equally the same if not more for you. At the end of the day, the God you pray to, is the same God that I am praying".

Quickly I explained to my colleague, I said its like going to KLCC from Penang. Some may opt to take flight (#PrayForMH370), some may drive through the highway, some stopped at Taiping and took the old road to KL. These different routes are what I call "religions", whereas the ultimate goal of reaching KLCC is God. So you see, our destiny is the same, just that our way to our destiny is different.

Ah-ha! What a day... It was lovely to get such an enlightenment in the midst of a normal workday.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Its A Rather Busy 2014

Yes, I am still alive, just a bit busy. Will be back posting my nonsense very soon. So do stay tuned.